Friday, 13 November 2015

Sunset at Vazon Bay

After the final day of workshops on Guernsey, Carl, Gill and I went for a walk along Vazon Beach as the sun was setting.  It was a warm, balmy evening, and the place was virtually deserted.  All it needed was a dumb blonde labrador to complete the idyll...

There was a slightly serious note to beginning of the walk as all the flags on the island were flying at half mast.  This was due to the premature demise of Guernsey's Lieutenant Governor, Peter Walker, who had died suddenly the previous day.

The evening light was beautiful, and the sea wall was distinctly warm to the touch.

The shadows of two photographers, both attempting to make pictures out of the railings above.

Carl, photographing everything which moved (or didn't, in the case of the sand castle and crab sculpture which we found on the beach).

The final picture shows the strange and ancient Guernsey sport of "rock lifting".  No, I don't understand it either...