Friday, 6 November 2015

Guernsey Beaches

After arriving in Guernsey, and before my workshops started, we spent the afternoon going on a tour around the island.  The following pictures were from Pembroke Bay, which is where I went on holiday as a child in the late '60s.

Carl, demonstrating the advanced photographic technique of standing on a sea wall without falling off.

A peculiarly Guernsey phenomenon: Hedge Veg.

After the second day of workshops it was clear there was going to be a good sunset, so we headed to Cobo Bay on the west of the island for a late afternoon walk.  This is a really beautiful place where the locals go for fish and chips on a Friday evening, traditionally eaten while leaning against the sea wall and watching the sun go down.  It's a tough life.

Carl, who - like me - is a Fuji "X" enthusiast.

As always, I find it impossible to resist anything canine...

The lady below was clearly known to the gulls as they started to collect as soon as she appeared.  All hell broke loose when she threw a handful of bread into the air!

The pictures below give an idea of quite how warm it was on the beach that evening.

I'd kill to live somewhere I could eat fish and chips on a Friday evening on a beach while watching the sun go down...