Thursday, 8 November 2012

More from Harry Potter

A few more pictures from my trip to the Harry Potter studios, starting with the outdoor "guardian" and the flying Ford Anglia from Chamber of Secrets.

Part of the Main Hall.

The guardian of the stairwell which leads to Dumbledore's office.

Detail from the Chamber of Secrets itself.

The Ice Sculpture from the Yule Ball in Goblet of Fire.  All made of plastic, unfortunately.

A display of costumes, including Harry's Invisibility Clock.  The lining is made of material with a very specific green colour, which then has another image superimposed using chroma-key technology.

Astonishingly, the colours in the next picture are actually fairly accurate.  It's the office belonging to Dolores Umbridge in the Ministry of Magic, which is lurid pink in colour and covered in pictures of fluffy kittens!

A couple of pictures from the mask-making and "Animatronics" displays.  The first shows a very small set of Goblin heads, worn by the people working at Gringotts Bank.  If only real-life bankers were this attractive!  The second picture shows the mechanical head belonging to Grawp, Hagrid's giant half-brother.  There's nothing in the image to give it scale, unfortunately, but it was truly enormous.

Finally, a few more from the shops in Diagon Alley.

I always wondered about the best place to buy Kneazles...