Sunday, 16 March 2014

The Art of Scientific Imaging

Yesterday saw the culmination of almost a year's planning when The Art of Scientific Imaging was released on a unsuspecting world.  The event was conceived last Spring as a joint venture by the RPS East Anglia Region, three of the scientific RPS Special Interest Groups, and Cancer Research UK's Cambridge Institute.  The date was chosen to coincide with the Cambridge University Science Festival, and a showing at the same location of the RPS International Images for Science 2013 print exhibition.  A mammoth piece of organisation, which all came together remarkably well on the day.  Even better we had over 100 people attending the event, many of whom were members of the general public.

This is the poster for the event, designed by yours truly.

The calm before the storm, having spent three hours setting up the projection and public address systems (the facilities in the lecture theatre being unavailable owing to maintenance).

Afzal Ansary and Ken Maclennan-Brown doing a final check on laptop/projector connectivity.

Derek Birch, the RPS President and a scientist himself, opening the proceedings.  The majority of people turned up when the lectures proper started!

A selection of 3D, Stereoscopic and Holographic "goodies" from David Burder for the audience to play with.

Afzal Ansary giving a personal tour of the Images for Science exhibition.

Shelagh Wooster, Sarah Hall and Liz Hale, my trusty catering team, doing a fabulous job at keeping everyone fed and watered.

A few pictures of the exhibition, taken during the lunch break.

Richard Nicoll talking to Lesley Goode, the RPS Exhibitions Manager, and Derek Birch, the RPS President.

Activity in the Foyer, where lots of RPS literature was available for the public to look at.

Lesley Goode talking to Gary Evans, who is responsible for the next Images for Science exhibition.

Stefanie Reichelt of CRUK, who put an enormous amount of work into the event, clearly enjoying the lunch break.

All ready for David Burder's excellent talk on "3D", in a manner which is spookily reminiscent of the premiere of Bwana Devil in 1952 (see here).

Derek Birch and Tony Kaye, the chairman of the RPS Imaging Science Group, getting into the 3D mood.

Stefanie Reichelt, ready for her talk in the afternoon.

David Burder, who seems to be well practised in the art of audience control!

Quite a day, all told.