Wednesday, 9 February 2011

IR close to work

Camera Club duties have, again, taken their toll when it comes to my own photography since Christmas.  That's life, unfortunately.  I did have the chance to wander around with my new IR camera one lunchtime last week, however, and these are the results.

My office is just around the corner from Cambridge Airport, hence the picture above.

The "greasy spoon" caravan is just outside the Airport perimeter fence, and directly opposite a large Mercedes dealership.  Usually this means that there is no shortage of takers for its wares.  Because of the red filter in the IR camera, the "NO ENTRY" sign has been rendered almost invisible.  The second picture is a local "tyre, brake and exhaust" outfit, and the chap shown was simply basking in the early February sun.

The final four pictures are of the Mercedes dealership, which has just had a shiny new aluminium cladding fitted - presumably as this will make people spend even more on their outrageously expensive cars.  Interestingly, the flags in the last shot genuinely were blue; but then so was the sky.  That's one of the things I love about IR photography, as it's not always possible to predict the outcome.