Sunday, 17 June 2018

Isla discovers water

It being Fathers' Day, we had a family outing to one of our favourite locations: Salhouse Broad, near Wroxham in Norfolk.  It's a place we took Amber a few times (see here), given its peaceful location and gently sloping sandy beach which is ideal for canine swimming.  Isla hadn't really met water before (other than a couple of futile attempts to give her a bath when she was tiny) but we had high hopes that she would enjoy her first swim.  As it is she needed a little gentle encouragement to enter the water in the shape of a tennis ball - and me paddling to retrieve it myself on occasion.

She soon got the hang of things, however, but never quite managed to swim.  Maybe next time?

What a pretty girl...

Retrieving might be in the genes, but handing the ball back occasionally needs a bit of gentle persuasion.

The final picture shows a classic "decisive moment", captured by accident as Harriet gave a strawberry to Isla.  If I'd tried to release the shutter when the fruit was exactly half way between the Harriet's hand and Isla's mouth, I wouldn't have stood a chance.  Good old serendipity.

Current weight:  15.9kg

Current state with the cats:  Amorous (unrequited) and energetic to the point where the increasing weight disparity requires the poor felines to be rescued from Isla's advances on occasion.  Sometimes I wonder if good old chasing would be easier to deal with!