Monday, 26 March 2018

Ten weeks and counting

Apologies to those who were expecting their puppy "fix" on Friday, but have had to wait until Monday for an update.  Something to do with wall-to-wall exhibition selection for Cambridge Camera Club, which meant that free time was in rather short supply.  Anyway, here are a few more pictures of Isla, who has grown considerably in both stature and curiosity.  Being a labrador, everything is edible until proved otherwise too - including moss and stones from the back garden.

One of Isla's big discoveries was the bag of Amber's old toys which we thought we'd hidden from her.  She's gradually emptied the bag, one toy at a time, carrying them very proudly with a "look what I've found" expression on her face.  A favourite find has been a plastic pig which makes a very life-like grunting sound when squeezed.  Hours of fun for a small doglet.

Isla with just some of the toys she's managed to purloin during the week.

Thievery is pretty exhausting work...

Current weight: 5.4kg.

Current status with the cats: Barks at them because they won't play with her.  Spoilsports.

Friday, 16 March 2018

A Week is a Long Time in Puppy-Licks

Well, we've had Isla a week now, and it seems like she's been with us forever.  It wasn't long before she'd sussed the layout of the house (and, more importantly, discovered the place where certain things had been hidden from her).  She's such a sweetheart, though, it's impossible to be cross when she turns up carrying a glove, slipper, shoe or one of Amber's toys!

It was lovely and warm this afternoon, so Isla spent some of the time in the garden playing and exploring.

In case you're wondering, relations with the cats have improved significantly since last week.  We've now progressed from "downright resentment" to "reluctant tolerance", which is a distinct step forward.

It's clear that Isla is growing too: 5kg today, compared to 4.3kg last Friday.  She certainly has a labrador's appetite.

Friday, 9 March 2018


After what seemed like an interminable wait, P-Day has finally arrived.  We collected Isla, our new puppy, from Suffolk early this morning, and she has spent much of the day exploring the house.  Pretty well all her experiences today have been new (car journeys, visit to the vet, sleeping on the sofa, meeting cats, etc.), and she's coped remarkably well.  OK, so we had a small number of "accidents", but that's only to be expected.

What a sweetie...

Having been used to sleeping on a pile of other puppies, it's clear that Isla loves the warmth and comfort of another living soul.  Issy's lap is particuarly comfortable, apparently.

Being a true labrador, Isla had no problem in tackling lunch in her new "Adnam's" bowl.

Our three cats are less than impressed with the new arrival, however.  All have spent the day in permanent "bog brush" mode, and Squirt couldn't quite work out why she wasn't allowed in the crate any more.

I'm sure they'll all be bosom buddies by tomorrow.  Maybe.