Thursday, 26 April 2012

Wedding Belles and Beaux

Saturday saw the wedding of my elder daughter, Frances, to Christopher Boreham.  It was a wonderful day of celebration for the whole family, and even the weather gods smiled on us.  I was allowed to get a camera out before the event and, again, when the official part of the proceedings was over.

Christopher with his "other woman" (niece Millie).

The bridesmaids were Izzi (my younger daughter), Audrey and Katharine.

Izzi again, this time with her boyfriend Michael and my niece, Carlotta.

Lotta has that knowing "look" which means that the recipient is due for trouble at some point...

This is the only wedding I've ever been to where there were one and a half "best men", Toby and Gaunt (I'm afraid I don't know his first name, as everyone refers to him simply as "Gaunt").  Here they are with their respective partners, Madeleine (Mads) and Beth.

Christopher managed to combine his role as groom with that of child minder...

The cake, as with the rest of the wonderful spread, was home made - something which made its cutting even more special.

I'll finish the post with some pictures of the couple, who really couldn't be better suited to one another.  It was a magical day for everyone concerned.