Sunday, 23 February 2014

Looking for a Man with Seven Wives...

Yesterday saw the annual "Inter-Print" competition run by St Ives Photographic Club.  It's an excellent event which is always very well run, and yesterday was no exception.  Before looking at the print exhibition, I spent a couple of hours with other Cambridge Camera Club miscreants walking around the town in the weak February sunshine.  It was particularly nice not to be blown away or rained upon!

First some birds (and other wildlife) I found beside the river.

Then some wildlife from the town.

I'm not a motorcycle person, but there was a particularly shiny Triumph which cried out to be photographed.

A few of All Saints Church (locked) and its graveyard.

St Ives takes every occasion to celebrate its most famous son...

...whose feet can be seen behind the board displaying the reason we were all there in the first place.

A few specimens of Homo photographicus I found hanging around.  It seems that purple is 2014's fashionable colour, which only goes to show how far behind the times I am.

Finally, Paul demonstrating the well-known photographers' etiquette which insists that the little finger must be held away from the camera, in very much the same way as drinking tea from a china cup.

Sunday, 2 February 2014

Museum of Liverpool

Finally I've been able to finish off the pictures from my trip to Liverpool last October...

Although time was short and I didn't have the opportunity to go around the Museum of Liverpool properly, it was hinted that I might enjoy visiting the foyer and staircase.  Indeed, it's a most amazing location, and the staff had absolutely no problem with photography providing I didn't put up a tripod or get in the way.

First, a few pictures from the outside of the building.

The interior was painted white, and was flooded light from a large window in the roof above the stairwell.  The monochromatic conditions called for a black & white rendition of the place.

A place in which it is easy to get carried away, and one day I will go back to explore the museum properly.