Sunday, 20 September 2015

LRPS Print Assessment

I've been away from home for most of the first half of September, but it was "business as usual" when we held an LRPS Print Assessment in Foxton yesterday.  These are fascinating days, although incredibly tense and stressful for the candidates themselves.  The day ran extremely smoothly, mainly down to the professionalism of the assessment panel (Roger Force, Ron Tear, Richard Walton, Rosemary Wilman and Peter Yeo) all under the watchful eye of Trevor Gellard and Roy Robertson.  Of course, such a day would be incomplete without the incomparable double-act of Andy Moore and Ben Fox from the RPS Distinctions Department.

It was a particularly satisfying day for me, as there was a 100% pass rate for all the candidates I had helped personally or via the Cambridge Camera Club "Aperture" Group.  Many congratulations to everyone concerned, and I hope they enjoy that well-deserved good feeling which comes from achieving their distinction.

Since the day was run by the assessment panel, for once I was allowed to wander around taking pictures.  Here are a few snaps from the day, showing some of the key players.

First, the LRPS Panel Chair, Trevor Gellard, explaining the proceedings at the beginning of the day.

Ben Fox in contemplative mood.

The first panel up was from Nick Bowman, chairman of Ely Photographic Club, who I have been helping over the past 6 months or so.

 Ron Tear discussing one of the submissions.

Roy Robertson, the moderator from the Distinctions Advisory Board, whose job it was to maintain a consistent standard across each LRPS assessment.

Trevor discussing another panel, this time from Jane Murphy who I had also helped.

Rosemary Wilman.

Roy and Trevor, deep in thought.

The assessment in progress.  This time the candidate was Dave Oates, who had been helped by the Aperture Group.

Peter Yeo, Roger Force, Ron Tear and Richard Walton, each discussing submissions in their own inimitable way.

In Richard's case, it looked like he was using magic to get his point across!

Ben putting another submission onto the print stand for assessment.

Another successful submission, this time from Lynne Blount who is a Cambridge Camera Club member.

Trevor explaining the finer points of the system.

Peter, both on and off duty.

Richard talking about "Cat Lady" from Andrew Wilkinson, another of the people I've been helping.

The assessors having a good "sniff" of the images in another submission.

The day of reckoning, as Roger fills in his score sheet.

It may have looked as if Andy Moore was seeking divine intervention, but in reality he was looking to catch glimpses of the nearby Duxford Air Show through the hall's Velux windows!

Roy and Trevor looking at a submission from Carol Paes, who is one of the photographers I know from my travels in Guernsey (see future posts to this blog).

Finally, Trevor and Roy checking the paperwork for the day.

We repeat the whole thing in about 12 months, but this time in Swaffham, Norfolk.