Sunday, 3 October 2010

A Trip to Wimpole

My daughter is putting me to shame when it comes to Blog postings, so I'd better pull my finger out.  Here are some pictures, taken today, of a camera club trip to Wimpole Hall.  There were seven of us braving the elements, but early on we were rewarded with some fairly spectacular light over the hall itself.

The sun didn't stay out for long, but I managed to take a few more pictures while it did.  The monochrome picture of the trees isn't Infra Red - just a cheat B&W conversion which makes it look that way.

The weather turned grey, so we went for a well-earned cup of tea - during which time, of course, the sun came out again.  By the time we'd finished, it was back to being grey and cloudy with the occasional spot of rain.  Typical!  Never mind, as there's always Homo photographicus to be observed...

In the final picture, Ann is explaining the finer points of using a Neutral Density filter to obtain long exposures.  She was practising on reeds blowing on the wind, as the "scudding clouds" she'd hoped for had long since evaporated.

I had a go at the water lilies on the lake and a rather fine fungus on a rotting tree trunk...

Meanwhile, we discovered exactly how many photographers it takes to capture a Shaggy Ink Cap!

Then we tried the famous "three photographers in a triangle" trick.

Of course, no post would be complete without a sequence of Ann realising - yet again - that she was going to make a star appearance in someone else's blog...