Sunday, 4 November 2018

A Walk with Ted

This afternoon, Ann, Phil, Meredith and I took Isla and her big mate, Ted, on a walk around the fields in Toft.  Ted is older than Isla only by a few months, but is significantly larger.  Let's just say that, when the pair of them crash into you while playing, it's sometimes quite difficult to stay upright.

Despite having had his nuts removed, Ted still has a one-tracked mind...

Meredith and Ted.

What a pretty boy.

Ann was left to deal with Ted and the poo bag...

...while Phil got to grips with his new camera.

Isla was forgotten when a second golden retriever appeared.  Not blonde enough, presumably.

Sunday, 21 October 2018

Dog Training with Isla

Ever since Isla was 12 weeks old, we have been taking her to South Cambs Dog Training Club, based in Whaddon.  There was a time she would do pretty well everything we taught her, but at the moment we're going through a bit of a teenage phase (selective deafness, mind of her own, etc.).  Issy and I usually take it in turns to do the handling, and yesterday she did it all leaving me free to take pictures.

Isla's Achilles Heel has always been the "stay" command, but this is gradually improving.

Playing is much more fun, though - especially when the toys belong to someone else.

Steve Argent, the trainer, was surprised to see that Isla could pick up two toys at once.  No challenge for "two ball Isla", as readers of this blog will know.  Steve decided to teach her a lesson by tying knots in the toys...

...which Isla took as an invitation to carry three at once!

What a well-behaved dog.  Sometimes.

Isla's recall has always been good, but today the exercise needed to finish with her in a "sit" position.

Sorted.  Now it's play time.

Thursday, 4 October 2018

RPS East Anglia Exhibition at Wingfield Barns

Last Sunday I went to see this year's RPS East Anglia exhibition - the first for five years which I hadn't been involved in organising.  As always, Moira Ellice, Matt Clarke et al. had done a superb job, and the exhibition looked very impressive indeed.  The turnout wasn't too bad either, considering the remoteness of the location.

There was also a retrospective exhibition of Brian Beaney's work, ranging from darkroom monochrome prints from the '60s to his more recent digital "creations".

Since Amber always used to come with me to help at RPS exhibitions (see here and here), I though it was essential that Isla should be inducted into the tradition as soon as possible.  Like Amber she was less interested in the photography than the box of biscuits, but she was also happy to play with anyone who came through the door.

Sunday, 30 September 2018

Isla at 8.5 months

Isla is now 8.5 months old, and is definitely starting to mature.  We've reached the stage where peace occasionally breaks out with the ginger cat, meaning that they can both share the same piece of decking when sun-bathing.

Isla is very athletic, and likes nothing better than to run and run (ideally after one or more tennis balls).  Here are a few pictures taken yesterday afternoon, walking around the fields between Harston and Haslingfield.  Pure heaven for an energetic labrador - especially one who went for a swim in the river, as can be seen from the second image.

Saturday, 29 September 2018

Great Wilbraham Vegetable, Flower and Produce Show 2018

Back in July I was asked if I would judge the photography section of the (world famous) Great Wilbraham Vegetable, Flower and Produce Show, 2018.  What an honour!  Some really interesting photos, as it turns out, and I've since had the opportunity to meet many of the people who took them.  Once the judging was complete I was able to wander around the show itself, admiring the wonderful exhibits on display.  It's clear that Great Wilbraham residents take the event very seriously (something to do with the top prize of 50p per section, perhaps?), and it was lovely to see the hall busy with people of all ages.  The whole experience reminded me of the Yorkshire shows I used to attend as a kid: a little old-fashioned, perhaps, but certainly a tradition worth upholding for many years to come.

One of the categories (of which there were many) involved growing spuds in a bucket.  Third prize went to none other than Cambridge Camera Club's current President.  Not just a pretty face, clearly...

Sunday, 23 September 2018

Dartmoor in Infra-Red

The conditions last Saturday were perfect for Infra-Red photography, so I was glad that I'd taken my IR-converted Fuji X-E2 with me to Devon.  The first location is Hay Tor, with its fascinating collection of human, bovine and canine wildlife.

Then Hound Tor, which also happens to be the site of a deserted mediaeval village.

Then Postbridge, for a walk up the East Dart valley followed by a scrumptious take-away cream tea from the Post Office.

Finally, Dartmeet where the two branches of the river join together.

I really should take the Infra-Red camera out more often...