Wednesday, 15 April 2015

John Hooton visits East Anglia

At the weekend I was visited by John Hooton from Cork in the Republic of Ireland who was embarking on a mini-tour of East Anglia.  Sunday saw an RPS event held at Cancer Research UK, and a took a few pictures of the day while John was in full flow.  If you're not familiar with his work it's worth looking at his website, but be aware that it doesn't do justice to his beautiful prints.

John's "glamorous assistant" for the day: Barry Badcock, our print-handler-in-chief, complete with white gloves.

John is clearly passionate about both photography and the Dingle peninsula in south-west Ireland, where most of his pictures were taken.

We held periodic shuffle breaks to allow the audience to drool over the prints.

A well-attended and highly enjoyable event which was also free of charge, having been sponsored by the RPS East Anglia Region.