Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Sark (part three)

We had an excellent lunch at the Seigneurie, which is the traditional home of Sark's Seigneur.  The island has kept much of its feudal heritage, despite being occupied by the Germans during WWII and by the Barclay Brothers since 1993!  The Seigneurie Gardens looked very beautiful, despite the inclement weather.

A couple of pictures of the Seigneurie itself.

The weather started to improve while on the ferry back to St Peter Port, but I was somewhat pre-occupied having got my sticky hands on two of Fuji's newest lens offerings courtesy of Paul (who seemed to have collected the entire set).  These were the 90 f/2, which was used to capture the two reprobates below (Carol and Julie) and the 16 f/1.4, which was used to capture a very studious looking Carl.  Both lenses are stupidly sharp wide open, and I immediately started to lust after them.  Bad news...

Another with the 16 f/1.4.

I eventually had to give the borrowed lenses back, and returned to using my trusty 35 f/1.4.  The old sea dog below was shot with the lens wide open, and hopefully this gives some sense of quite how good these Fujinon XF lenses really are.

There were two cruise ships moored in the channel between Guernsey and Herm, and these were being serviced by a series of "shuttles" going backwards and forwards to St Peter Port harbour.

By the time we got back to Guernsey the rain had gone and the sun had come out.  A perfect end to a Grand Day Out.