Tuesday, 2 July 2013


I still haven't quite finished going through the pictures I took in Guernsey owing to work, family and RPS pressures, but I've managed to find a couple of minutes to post those from our trip to Herm on the Bank Holiday Monday at the end of May (i.e. over a month ago!).

First, some people (and dog) watching - Herm is a great place for this.

Then some Homo photographicus, sub-species guernsiensis...

The courtyard outside St Tigual's chapel, and some of the stained glass windows.

We were lucky enough to go for a trip on the Bumble Bee, a small boat which can get very close to where the seabirds are nesting on Herm.  Of course, everyone's favourite seabird is the Puffin.  Not huge numbers, and a long way away, but huge fun nevertheless.

A view of the nesting colony of gulls on Jethou, with St Peter Port in the background.

A couple of pictures of the "fast" Condor Ferry, which towered above our little boat as we entered the harbour.

The end of a wonderful day on Herm, although I managed to get sunstroke and dehydration by failing to wear a hat and not drinking enough during the day.  Serves me right, but it wasn't very pleasant.