Friday, 30 October 2015

Light Painting

Wednesday evening was spent with fellow members of Cambridge Camera Club on a cold, dark playing field, waving around various light-emitting items and flashing each other.  Something interesting to do now that Bake Off has finished, perhaps?

Barry and Chris proving that they swing the same way.

Barry proving that he can make fire, despite not having two boy scouts to rub together.

Barry practising for the Last Night of the Proms, using a sparkler as a baton.

Charles being given a "Ready Brek" glow.  Sadly the sparkler went out before his right leg could be completed!

Hours of fun for all the family.

Sunday, 25 October 2015

Southwold on a Cold, Windy Saturday

Yesterday a group of us from Cambridge Camera Club went on an outing to Southwold in Suffolk.  The forecast wasn't great - various different densities of cloud, strong(ish) wind and rain in the afternoon - so I decided to have a go at some long exposure shots.  The coach dropped us off at Southwold harbour, and the first two pictures are from there.

It's not possible to go to Southwold without photographing the iconic beach huts, of course, but the only difficulty is finding a new angle on this well-worn subject.  I thought it might be fun to do a couple of panoramas, along with the more usual close-ups and detail from selected huts.

Being England at the end of October, there were the inevitable hardy souls playing on the beach and walking along the promenade.

Lunch comprised a stonking plate of Haddock & Chips at the Sole Bay Inn - a great pub which serves superb food and beer, benefitting as it does from being a stone's throw (literally) from the Adnam's Brewery.

Unlike Mr Badcock, who claimed to have had a "freebie" in the lighthouse, I contented myself with photographing the exterior.

By the middle of the afternoon the rain had set in, so it was time for a well-earned coffee and cake on the pier while other people got wet outside.

The rain eventually eased off, so I spent the final hour or so as it got dark taking photographs of, and from, the pier.  The final couple of shots were taken after the pier lights had been switched on, at which point it was getting very gloomy indeed.  Reminder, if one needed it, that the clocks were about to be put back and winter wasn't very far away.

Sunday, 11 October 2015

RPS East Anglia Exhibition at Wingfield Barns

I spent the whole of yesterday at Wingfield Barns, near Diss in Suffolk, stewarding at this year's RPS East Anglia Members' Exhibition.  Wingfield is a wonderful venue for an exhibition, given its large rooms, white(ish) walls and diffuse lighting; but, given its remote location, there isn't much in the way of "passing trade"!  Still, lots of people made the effort to come and see the exhibition, which looked absolutely stunning thanks to the efforts of Moira Ellice (the Region's Exhibition Co-ordinator) and her team.

As can be seen in several of the pictures, Amber (aka "The Dumb Blonde") was also on duty as a steward, paying particular attention to anyone who happened to be eating a biscuit!

This is Moira, looking justifiably pleased with the way the exhibition looked.

Amber "on duty" by the biscuit box.

There was a second exhibition of East Anglian nature and landscape prints by local RPS members in the entrance hall.

A couple of final shots showing the two exhibition rooms.

There are some absolutely superb images on show, and well worth the journey to deepest Suffolk.  The exhibition itself is open from Wednesday to Sunday, 11:00-16:00, and runs until Sunday 25th October.