Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Hebrides 3: Old Sea Dogs

Ferries are great places for people watching, and this one was no exception.

The little girl with the binoculars became very excited when we passed Tobermory (or, of course, Balamory as she knows it).  Those of us who are slightly longer in the tooth have fond memories of Tobermory as the extremely practical Womble engineer.  He was my hero, naturally...

I was very impressed by way CalMac treated dogs on board too.  Other ferry companies insist that the dog should stay in the car, but here they were encouraged to walk around on deck.  There was even a special indoor location where they could stay warm and dry.

A couple of pictures of ferry detail, followed by an advert for the canteen's lunch delicacy.  Unfortunately we were still full from our breakfast, so missed out on this particular treat.

We arrived in Lochboisdale around 14:30 in very similar weather to that we had left in Cambridge (i.e. tipping rain and virtually zero visibility).  Welcome to the Outer Hebrides!