Monday, 25 August 2014

Hebrides 12: Fishing on Loch Grogarry

Loch Grogarry is one of the many machair lochs in South Uist, now owned collectively by the islanders and run by Storas Uibhist.  I only had one day in which to go fishing, so took advice from the Storas as to which loch I should try.  Grogarry was the suggestion, and its single boat was booked for me for the day.  If I'd been expecting Scottish loch-style fishing to be anything like that at my usual venue of Grafham Water, I was soon disabused of this fact.  No engine (just a pair of oars); only me on the boat (so I had to row as well as fish); wild brown trout (not stocked rainbows); and spectacular scenery (not a concrete dam wall in sight).  The photos below were taken with my iPhone, as the changeable weather would have meant my "real" camera getting a couple of soakings during the day!

The fish above is a superbly conditioned 2lb wild brown trout, which was the one and only fish I caught all day.  No matter, as I only needed one for my dinner; and very good it was too, with a few new potatoes and some salad. Yum...