Friday, 22 August 2014

Hebrides 10: Loch Eynort

My original plan had been to go fishing, but a quick look at the weather forecast put paid to that: 24, 27, 31, 32, 34, 31, 28, etc., and these were the wind speeds, not the temperature!  It was also clear that we were due for a lot of rain, particularly in the afternoon, so decided to make the most of the morning by going to Loch Eynort.  Tucked away on the Eastern side of South Uist, Loch Eynort is unusual in that it has lots of trees.  It was also reasonably sheltered, and felt more like walking in the Highlands.  Flowers everywhere - especially a small area full of orchids, just beside the ruins of an old Thatched House.

Some of the quartz crystals in the Gneiss.

The wall of the old Thatched House, covered in mosses, lichens, ferns, grasses and wild foxgloves.

Loch Eynort must be a wonderful place for a picnic, when the weather is good.  Sadly, the day we chose was not suitable for such frivolities...

Apart from a couple from Carlisle and their dog (plus some seals in the loch) we hardly saw a soul.  We timed the morning perfectly, however, since it was just starting to rain as we got back to the car.  Next stop was a return to Barbara's Cafe, part of the Kildonan Museum, which provided us with very welcome bacon and egg butties.

By now the weather was fully set in, so we needed to find something to do for the afternoon.  Having exhausted most of the indoor attractions which South Uist had to offer, we decided to go and explore a rather strange church on Eriskay (cue the next exciting instalment).