Sunday, 4 May 2014

Iceland 13: Seydisfjordur

As Egilsstadir was nothing to write home about, we headed east towards Seydisfjurdur: a ferry port on the coast.  The road went high over a hill, across a frozen lake, and past lots of snow.  As we started to descend there were a series of waterfalls which were as spectacular as they were beautiful.  We stopped to take pictures of the waterfalls and some of the flowers in the surrounding area.  

We then went down into the town and walked around for a while.  Some beautiful, but rather run down houses, most of which were built from kits shipped over from Norway.  In fact, there were a couple of houses being built using the same principle, and one was reminded of having just bought something over-complicated from Ikea.  What a stunning location for a town, though...

 There was a family of eider ducks in the harbour which performed for us, and a rather inquisitive ringed plover which almost came close enough for a decent photograph.

Having exhausted Seydisfjordur, we picked up some provisions and headed out on a gravel road to the end of the fjord (which forms the next exciting installment).