Friday, 16 May 2014

Iceland 15: Egilsstadir to Djupivogur

We headed away from Egilsstadir towards Reydarfordur, where there was a WWII museum.  When we arrived at the small town, which appeared to be a fishing and small container port, we discovered that the museum didn't actually open until 13:00.  Given that it wasn't yet 9:00 we went to find the Post Office which also wasn't open!  A coffee and a "wedded bliss" (a kind of Icelandic Danish pastry, if that makes sense) later the Post Office had opened its doors, so we sent some postcards and bought a few more.

We kept stopping, as around every corner there was a spectacular - if rather hazy - view.  Cue another panorama opportunity, which again is probably best shown as a video.  I'm sure you've got the hang of it by now.

On one occasion we were visited by a rather friendly Icelandic Sheepdog, which is rather smaller and fluffier than its English or Welsh cousins.  This particular specimen then went on to show its disdain for foreigners by anointing the back wheel of our hire car...

We then headed around the coastline of the fjord towards Stodvarfjordur and Breiddalsvik, stopping for lunch at a parking place overlooking Berufjordur.  Spectacular scenery, made more so by a thick sea-fog which was hanging just off the edge of the coastline.

Although we were on "The 1" (Iceland's main road, which goes all the way around the island) it wasn't exactly busy.  This was the kind of traffic jam we encountered en route.

In the next thrilling installment our intrepid travellers arrive in Djupivogur, a sleepy fishing town with a strange predilection for eggs.