Saturday, 17 May 2014

Iceland 16: Djupivogur

We arrived at Djupivogur just after 14:00, and since there was only one hotel in the small town it was easy to find.  The old building is Norwegian in style, and has a huge new timber extension which contains a dining room and lots of bedrooms (we had one of them).  The corridor was truly amazing in that it was very narrow and very high, with large vertical "beams" outside every bedroom.  A bit like walking into a wooden tunnel.  If we'd been hoping for a "sea view", however, we'd have been terribly disappointed.  The actual view from our window was less than inspiring...

There was no problem with us checking in and getting the room sorted out.  This we did, and then headed out on foot to look for some birds.  We found some (the usual suspects) but still no puffins, so I ended up photographing the plants instead.  It started to rain for a bit, but then stopped.  I photographed some terns and eiders while Harriet went around the headland, but then we headed back to the hotel as some "weather" was quickly approaching.  Very few of the pictures were sharp, though, and I finally twigged why: there was a focus calibration problem with my camera/lens combination.  A brief technical interlude in another post will explain all, if you're interested.

After dinner we went for a walk as the evening had calmed down after the rain.  In fact the sun came out for a while.  We went up to see the "eggs": a row of eponymous sculptures, each on a plinth, and representing the birds of the area - but not to scale.  There was also a rather strange shop, run by a chap who bought and sold skeletons and geological specimens.  There was also the obligatory fire hydrant, but this one seemed to have been planted in the middle of a field.  For reference, the "Langabud" is one of the oldest Long Houses in Iceland, but now holds a craft market.

The last few pictures were taken late into the evening (after 22:00, with the final fulmar at 22:46, according to the EXIF data).  Not much chance of a sunset in Iceland during July.

I think I prefer the monochrome version of the boat house, but I'm sure everyone will have their own opinion.