Thursday, 4 October 2018

RPS East Anglia Exhibition at Wingfield Barns

Last Sunday I went to see this year's RPS East Anglia exhibition - the first for five years which I hadn't been involved in organising.  As always, Moira Ellice, Matt Clarke et al. had done a superb job, and the exhibition looked very impressive indeed.  The turnout wasn't too bad either, considering the remoteness of the location.

There was also a retrospective exhibition of Brian Beaney's work, ranging from darkroom monochrome prints from the '60s to his more recent digital "creations".

Since Amber always used to come with me to help at RPS exhibitions (see here and here), I though it was essential that Isla should be inducted into the tradition as soon as possible.  Like Amber she was less interested in the photography than the box of biscuits, but she was also happy to play with anyone who came through the door.

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