Sunday, 21 October 2018

Dog Training with Isla

Ever since Isla was 12 weeks old, we have been taking her to South Cambs Dog Training Club, based in Whaddon.  There was a time she would do pretty well everything we taught her, but at the moment we're going through a bit of a teenage phase (selective deafness, mind of her own, etc.).  Issy and I usually take it in turns to do the handling, and yesterday she did it all leaving me free to take pictures.

Isla's Achilles Heel has always been the "stay" command, but this is gradually improving.

Playing is much more fun, though - especially when the toys belong to someone else.

Steve Argent, the trainer, was surprised to see that Isla could pick up two toys at once.  No challenge for "two ball Isla", as readers of this blog will know.  Steve decided to teach her a lesson by tying knots in the toys...

...which Isla took as an invitation to carry three at once!

What a well-behaved dog.  Sometimes.

Isla's recall has always been good, but today the exercise needed to finish with her in a "sit" position.

Sorted.  Now it's play time.

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