Monday, 4 January 2016

Iceland 2.4: Grundarfjörður

It was a short drive along the coast from Stykkishólmur to Grundarfjörður, which is where I was staying for the night.  It was the second time I'd been to the Hotel Framnes, in fact, as Harriet and I had stayed there in 2013.  It is small, comfortable and friendly - unless one happens to be the poor German couple who turned up with a confirmed reservation only to find that all the rooms were full.  Oops.

It took a while for the rain to stop; but, when it did, I went out for a walk around the town to see what I could find.  It was still very windy, as the blow-back from the waterfall shows.  It was also dark and gloomy - again, just like last time - as the town appears to exist in a perpetual weather system generated by the nearby Snæfell volcano.

The Láki Café was a new addition since last time we visited, and provided a very warm and comfortable place to obtain a (reasonably priced) bite to eat.

The town is dominated by the Fisk factory.  No prizes for guessing what gets processed there...

The dock side was deserted apart from me, a few birds (gulls, oyster catchers, knots) and a lone seal bobbing about in the harbour.  One of the fields just outside the town was also home to a colony of arctic terns, which took great delight in attacking me as I walked past.  Beautiful birds, but they do seem to enjoy being vindictive.

I think one of those knots is an imposter, as it looks distinctly redshank-ish to me.

 Eventually, the cold temperature and bad light stopped play for the evening, so I headed back to the hotel with my fingers firmly crossed that the weather would improve the following day.