Sunday, 31 January 2016

Iceland 2.25: Landmannalauger 3

The drive back to Hrauneyjar from Landmannalaugar took us through the Fjallabak National Park, which is a truly astonishing volcanic landscape.  There are cones and lava fields everywhere, and looking down from the top of one of the hills gives some sense of the upheaval which the area has suffered in the recent past.  Possibly the most impressive sight was a "glacier" of lava which had flowed down a valley and into a lake.

I was delighted to see that Icelandic buses still seem to be sponsored by that well known maker of vegetable fat...

The weather cleared for a while, so we decided to go on a slight detour to see if we could find anything interesting.  This took us behind one of the larger volcanic cones and into an area which was used by the locals for grazing sheep.

It's the kind of place which attracts Testosterone Tourism too, and several large vehicles passed us while we were admiring the scenery.

The closer we got to Hrauneyjar the more the weather closed in, and by the time we reached the hotel it was pelting down.  This was a common sight on our previous trip to Iceland in 2013, but we'd got off remarkably lightly on this holiday.  Possibly something to do with the unseasonably cold summer?