Friday, 26 June 2015

London Salon of Photography Exhibition

The main reason for my trip to London on June 6th was to attend the opening of the London Salon of Photography Exhibition.  It was also a chance to play with my new toy - a Fuji X-T1 - although a certain amount of head-scratching was in order when it came to using fill-flash for the first time!  So far I'm really impressed with the new camera, and I'll post more pictures from it in the near future.

Anne Sutcliffe and David Lowe did the honours when it came to giving a tribute to the late Trevor Fry and presenting medals to the award winners.  One lucky "Friend" of the London Salon (not me, sadly) won a gorgeous print of Iceland by Tim Rudman, but I have my name down for a copy of Tim's new book instead.

If you are in the vicinity of Smethwick Photographic Society between July 4th and 25th, it's well worth catching the exhibition which will be on show there.  There are some stunning prints which really have to be seen in the flesh.