Saturday, 27 June 2015

A Grand Day Out to West Mersea

A couple of weeks ago, Chris Fell and I decided to have a Grand Day Out (TM) to West Mersea.  This was partly because the Essex coast was Chris's old stamping ground, partly to give Amber (aka The Dumb Blonde) a walk, and partly to test out some Fujinon lenses which had been very kindly lent to me.  All the pictures are taken on the Fuji X-T1, and the majority are with the 35/1.4 - a little lens which I fell in love with (and now own).

West Mersea has mud aplenty, and Amber lost no time in doing some serious investigation.

There's only one solution to muddy feet, and that is to go for a long swim in the sea.  Pure heaven for a labrador on a hot, sunny day.

A little terrier took exception to Amber swimming, and so decided to yap at her from the bank.  Amber ignored the upstart initially, but then decided to get her own back (after having a good shake, naturally).

As well as mud, West Mersea is known for its seafood - especially oysters - and there were plenty of shells littering the shore.  That lens is sharp - even at f/1.4!

Chris himself had recently acquired a new Olympus OMD, and so was putting it through its paces before going away on holiday.  Nice camera; pity about the legs.

Not much wildlife around on the beach, but I did find this rather wonderful specimen.

The X-T1 is an amazing device - especially when paired with prime lenses.  The quality is superb, and the handling is very similar to top notch film cameras (such as my old A1).  The feeling of nostalgia is palpable...