Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Iceland 31: A night to remember...

We knew we had to stay in the "Cabin" hotel again, and were bracing ourselves for the inevitable anticlimax.  This time we were put in a "Superior" room on the top floor, which seemed reasonably good apart from a rather "drainy" smell in the bathroom.  More of this later...

The people at the car hire company were very efficient, and asked us where we wanted to be dropped after giving the car back.  We decided on the Central Museum as a way of killing some time, but we discovered that this was closing in 40 minutes.  Instead we walked into the centre of town for a wander around some shops and the old harbour.

Harriet wanted to go to the Vikin Maritime Museum, but it was closed.  Typical.  We then walked back towards the Harpa: Reykjavik's Concert Hall and Arts Centre.  I promised you some more pictures from this amazing building after our brief visit at the beginning of the holiday, so here they are.

By this point we were tired, hungry and running out of steam, so decided to go for a bite to eat and then walk back to the hotel.

The "Superior" room was fine, initially, and I started to download my pictures from the day.  When we opened the bathroom door, however, the "drainy" smell had become significantly worse.  Less "drainy"; more "sewagey", in fact.  I went to talk to the reception people who offered us two choices: move to a different room (only "De-Luxe"); or attempt to get rid of the smell by running lots of water down the drain and spraying the room with a powerful de-odoriser.  The bathroom had become worse still by this point, so we decided to move rooms.  It was tedious packing up and moving all our stuff, but at least we ended up with a room in which we could breathe.

It seems that our anxieties about the "Cabin" hotel were well justified.  In addition to a room stinking of raw sewage, we had the third rate breakfast to look forward to the following morning.  Yummy.  This, combined with a lack of Internet service and the constant banging of doors by a large group of Scouts and Guides (English) on the same corridor, it was certainly a night to remember.