Friday, 13 June 2014

Amazona Zoo

Let's face it: anything which needs to describe itself as an "attraction" clearly isn't one.  Still, what do you do on a wet Sunday morning in Cromer when everything else is shut?  Go to the Amazona Zoo Attraction of course.

Not a good start as poor old Amber had to stay in the car, although I'm sure we could have found something for her to service.

This is a Rhea, I think - like the one which went walkabout in Hertfordshire recently.

The parrots, although beautiful, were in small cages with very little room to move.

I think this picture of an Ocelot in its five star accommodation just about says it all.

Eventually the sun came out and a Tapir decided to give us a cheesy grin.

The Capybara seemed to have the right attitude - partly because they had a reasonable enclosure in which to move around.

Not quite sure what this is, but it looked a bit bedraggled and miserable.

I'm sure that some Zoos do a wonderful job when it comes to animal welfare and conservation, but I don't think we'll be rushing back to this particular "attraction".