Sunday, 29 June 2014

Devil's Dyke, Newmarket

It seems that Ann Miles has beaten me to posting some pictures from today's rather damp RPS Nature Group outing to Devil's Dyke.  We managed about an hour and a half before the heavens opened, at which point we all trudged back to the car for an early lunch.

This was my first chance to play with two new toys: a 5DmkIII body and a 100/2.8L macro lens.  Not the easiest of conditions (it was blowing quite a lot as well as raining) but definitely a reasonable test for the new equipment.  The pictures aren't great by any means, but I'm astonished by the high-ISO behaviour of the new camera body: all these images were taken at ISO 1250 or thereabouts in order to try and stop motion blur.  Very impressive performance, and the new lens is razor sharp too.