Friday, 11 October 2013

LRPS Assessment Day

The Second half of the mammoth RPS weekend in Foxton was an LRPS Print Assessment Day.  Nerve-racking for all concerned, made worse by a standard which appears to be constantly rising.  The assessment panel comprised Roger Force, Roy Robertson, Chris Palmer, Vanessa Slawson and Richard Walton, with Trevor Gellard attempting to keep everyone in check.  Not an easy task...

A successful panel belonging to Barry Badcock, a fellow member of Cambridge Camera Club.

Another successful panel, this time from Christine Hart of Ipswich and District Photographic Society.

Trevor attempting to keep his troops in order...

Roy discussing a panel while the others fill in their score sheets.

Richard, waxing lyrical...

Ben Fox and Andy Moore putting up another successful panel from Cambridge Camera Club, this time by Chris Fell.

Trevor doing his best to pacify the assessors, but the strain was clearly taking its toll.  Or was it the excellent lunch we'd just eaten?

Ben and Andy in a brief moment of respite, having worked solidly since the Friday evening, and about to pack everything up and drive back to Bath.

An excellent and highly rewarding - if exhausting - weekend.