Monday, 14 October 2013

Barbara Cartland, eat your heart out...

A chance posting on this blog last August, following a visit to Tyntesfield in Somerset, resulted in me being contacted by Random House - a book publisher based in the States.  The Art Director was looking for an image which could be used as the background on a book cover, and one of my pictures seemed to fit the bill.  Following negotiations between Random House and The National Trust (who demanded a large royalty, simply for owning the property being photographed) a deal was eventually struck.

True to their word, the publishers recently furnished me with a copy of the final book.  Reading the blurb on the back, it's clear that the story is some kind of Edwardian bodice-ripper, unashamedly cashing in on the current popularity of Downton Abbey.  I don't mind - it's just nice to see one of my pictures in print.

I had a quick look through the book, but failed to find any bodices - ripped or otherwise.

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