Saturday, 30 July 2011

Travels around Guernsey

We went to Oatlands, a visitor "attraction" (oxymoron), because Izzi wanted to play Crazy Golf.  The golf was fun, but the place was nothing to write home about.  More interesting was the lane outside and the disused brick kilns.

There seem to be far fewer cows on the island than when I came as a child.  We found some in a field without a gate: not a problem, as every cow was tethered.

I'd like to say they were no flies on this particular cow, but it would clearly be a lie!

We wandered along the cliff for a couple of miles, which was beautiful and rather spectacular in places.  As it was hazy I decided to use the IR camera (not being a natural born landscape photographer, I didn't know any better).  These are some of the pictures, including a colour version taken on the LX3 for comparison.


The walk finished with the obligatory ice cream at Icart Point.  Great ice cream, and a wonderful garden too.  I'm getting used to recognising Giant Lobelia and Agapanthus...

Later:  Shows how much I know.  Apparently the "Giant Lobelia" is, in fact, an Echium.  Being botanically challenged, I blame my spouse for not correcting my misconception earlier!

There are some beautiful houses on the island, so I've included a couple of des res examples here.  One is to die for, combining a traditional granite main house with a thatched extension.

Being a collector of strange signs, I thought I'd finish off this post with a couple I found in the last few days, along with another example of hedge veg.