Thursday, 28 July 2011

Arrival in Guernsey

Left Cambridge on Tuesday for a few days away in Guernsey.  I've been to the island once before (I believe it was in 1968!) and apart from a staggering increase in the amount of traffic it doesn't seem to have changed much.  The following pictures were taken while waiting for a bus having just landed at the airport.

An excellent bus service (each journey costs £1, or 50p if pre-paid with a smart card, irrespective of distance) dropped us very close to our hotel.  After checking in we went for a walk in search of an ice cream, and discovered the first example of a Guernsey phenomenon: Hedge Veg.  Apparently, "veg" is used as a generic term, and can mean anything for sale at the side of the road (including books, DVDs and - apparently - ash trays).

We also spotted a car for sale: a "good little runner", despite not being roadworthy, which was free to a good home.  The car was 20 years old and had done 80,000 miles - not bad on an island which is 6 miles by 4 and has a maximum speed limit of 35mph!

One of the things I remember from my first visit was the sheer number of greenhouses.  We've seen several which are derelict; or, like this one, for sale.  Perhaps the bottom has dropped out of the Guernsey tomato business?