Saturday, 23 July 2011

CLA Game Fair

We managed to get to the CLA Game Fair, which was held in the grounds of Blenheim Palace this year.  A very large and busy event with lots going on - starting with the queue to get in (a cool £56 for a family ticket).

Then, of course, there is the inevitable battle of the sexes.  Note the obvious differences between the waiting times for the Gents' and Ladies' loos.

Who could resist a couple of Basset Hounds?  Totally endearing to everyone, including to a young child who had a close encounter...

I found myself photographing things with a dogs' eye view - of which more later.  This included the obligatory green wellies.

There were some pretty bizarre things on sale at the show.  These included a rather some rather expensive decoy hunting targets (too deer for me [sorry!]) and a rather spooky mask.

More wellies, of varying hues.

My personal interest in going to the show was the fly fishing stalls.  There were several live demonstrations, some of which were being filmed.  The elongated stretch of water is a casting pool, and the chap with the rod is demonstrating a Spey cast with a double-handed salmon rod.  The final image is a fly-tying demonstration, the details of which were shown on a big screen.

People watching is a good pastime at such events.  I presume the guy inspecting the Bentley didn't have to ask how much it cost...

Other strange things spotted during the day, including a sign which is bound to come in useful sometime along with some microscopic tweeds for the land-owner-to-be.  Mustn't forget the beer tent, of course, or the surreal sight of a 20 foot giraffe and a blimp representing the back end of a dog...

More pictures of dogs (or taken with a dogs' eye view).

A couple of a jazz trio who were playing their hearts out.

Not forgetting the "leading artificial turf" company, the AA (no joiners),  or the "not so sushi" bar.