Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Visit to Monach Farm

Enormous thanks are due to Roland Randall and his wife, Dreda, for allowing us to wander around Monach Farm on Saturday afternoon taking pictures.  A wonderful place, and the Caprilatte ice cream is to die for!

These are some of the horses being moved after a heavy day at the Riding Stables.

The goats were endearing, and great characters.  These two had been banished into a barn along with a couple of tractors.

There was an opportunity to photograph the goats being milked, but it was much more fun to take pictures of Homo photographicus instead.

Some more goats, along with a "wannabe" goat: a Highland calf called Buzz Lightyear who is being hand-reared.

 Does my nose look big in this?  Also, it seems like Buzz wasn't the only goat wannabe...

Roland showing us Paddington, his stud boar, who stole the show.

Monach Farm is a great place, and well worth going to one of their open days.  There's always one on August Bank Holiday Monday.