Friday, 15 May 2009

More from Bletchley Park

Another picture of Don, our guide, doing what all Irishmen do best: talking! He made a reference to having a military background during the morning, so we assumed he was wearing some kind of regimental tie. On closer inspection, it's clear he belongs to the local golf club instead!

Two pictures of homo photographicus specimens in their natural habitats. The first is Tony, our club secretary, with a miniature submarine for scale; the second is Lorne, obviously in contemplative mood (or simply cream crackered, perhaps).

Detail of the wiring in the Bombe room - truly a work of art, as well as being important historically.

Examples of some of the graceful dilapidation to be found by the bucket-load at Bletchley Park. It would be wonderful to get inside some of the huts, but I imagine that Health & Safety concerns would soon put a stop to that. Pity...