Friday, 29 May 2009

CCC outing to Grantchester

On a beautiful late Spring/early Summer evening, a bunch of CCC members went for a walk through Grantchester Meadows. There were, of course, the usual punts and canoeists (the example below looking particularly smug, as one of his colleagues had just fallen in!).

The insect life was abundant - especially damsel flies and mayflies. Being a camera club, people lined up in order to "have a go" at photographing them. Ann had the right idea, however: one of the mayflies had got itself stuck in a spider's web, and consequently wasn't going anywhere!

As the sun went down, the view through the trees towards Trumpington was amazing ...

... as was the amount of washing up which hadn't been done at the Orchard Tea Rooms. The results of a day's dedicated consumption were piled high, and the local chaffinch population was having a great time as a result. Being a truly dedicated photographer, I spent some time taking pictures of the devastation while others went down the pub. Outrageous!