Thursday, 6 September 2018

Birmingham in Infra Red

Back in June I travelled across to Smethwick in order to see the first opening of the London Salon of Photography exhibition.  First opening?  London Salon in Birmingham?  Both oxymorons, surely?  Certainly, a strategy designed to confuse the uninitiated.

I had a couple of hours to kill before the exhibition opened, so I took the train into the centre of Birmingham.  It was a dull, grey day, so I thought I'd give my Infra Red camera a bit of an outing.

I'd never been to Gas Street Basin, so was determined to visit it on this occasion.  All very gentrified nowadays, but still full of character.

I would have loved to wander around for longer, but needed to get back to Smethwick for the medal presentation (not to me, sadly).  A superb exhibition - the best for many years, in my not-quite-so-humble opinion - which was genuinely inspirational.

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