Saturday, 21 April 2018

Growing Up

Isla is growing up at a frightening rate, and now is looking like a small dog rather than a puppy.  She's still very much a toddler in her behaviour, though - especially the needle-sharp teeth, which she uses to great effect on fingers, toes, ankles, etc.  Mostly she's pretty angelic, though.

Andrea, a friend in the village, gave Isla a rather wonderful dragon, which she loves.  It had been de-honked within 24 hours, however...

Isla, being a labrador, loves food.  Any kind of food, edible or not.  A recent discovery is yogurt, which is almost as much fun as the pot it comes in.

We started puppy training classes last night, and the instructor suggested dried sprats as a reward for good behaviour.  Tasty they might be (if one is a labrador), but I'm sure everyone in the Lane can smell them.

Current Weight:  9.2kg

Current State with the Cats:  Don't ask.

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