Monday, 2 April 2018

Easter Puppy

Easter weekend, and Isla is now 11 weeks old.  She has grown rapidly, and is now capable of jumping onto the sofa under her own steam (occasionally).  We took her to the vet on Saturday for the second set of injections, so she'll be able to venture into the big wide world from next weekend onwards.  About time too, as she has far too much energy which needs to be burned off.  Growing is tiring work, though, and she does spent at least some of the day asleep (and, thankfully, some of the night too).

The picture below gives some idea how how long she is now.  "Leggy" was the word used by Tina, the vet.

Butter wouldn't melt?  Well, actually...

Current weight: 6.2kg.

Current status with the cats:  Frustrated because they hide on tables or half way up the stairs.  From now on there'll be a size advantage, though, so it will be interesting to see how feline relations progress.