Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Bugger Bognor...

I confess that the only thing I knew about Bognor Regis before visiting the place was George V and his less-than-gracious comment about the town.  I tried to be open minded, but since it had been raining all morning and the sky was slate grey, I wasn't exactly seeing Bognor at its best.  The nature of the conditions (and, it has to be said, the state of the town) seemed to call for a set of pictures in monochrome.

Bognor is the only place I've ever visited which had "take away views".  Maybe the idea will catch on?

A couple of useful signposts aimed at the visitor who was lost.

...and a house whose name, presumably, had been forgotten by its owner.

Gypsy Lee was about to have her post delivered.  Call me cynical, but I'd have thought she would have known what was coming in advance, so wouldn't actually need a delivery...

A few of the characters I found around the town.  I particularly like the "boy racer" in the first image, who was keeping a beady eye on the idiot with the camera.

I don't often agree with royalty, but on this occasion I think good old George got it about right.