Friday, 26 September 2014

Hebrides 21: Callanish

Monday dawned cloudy, but the forecast was for sunshine later in the day.  The view from our house changed by the minute because of the weather, and it was one I was becoming rather attached to.

Because of the rather underwhelming experiences of Sunday, we decided to visit one of the highlights of Lewis: the standing stones at Callanish (just one of its many spellings, we discovered).  We had hoped that the monument would not be crawling with people, and at the time we arrived there were only a handful of cars in the car park.  Not for long, unfortunately...

I'd hoped for some interesting light at Callanish, but we had blue skies and warm sun for our visit.  Given than sunrise and sunset were at stupid times in the middle of the night (and not very far apart at that) we got what we got.  Some brooding clouds and the odd shaft of sunlight breaking through would have been nice, though...

I found it more difficult than I expected to make a sensible composition from the stones.  This is partly because I wanted to avoid both buildings in the background and the other visitors to the site, but the quality of the light didn't help either.  I have tried converting one of the pictures to monochrome to see if things improve.  Well, I was able to squeeze much more information out of the sky, but the result is still less than I'd hoped for.

By this point a coach had arrived (courtesy of a cruise ship which had disgorged its contents in Stornoway), so getting pictures of stones without people in them became harder and harder.

See what I mean?

In the end I gave up photographing the stones and started on the people instead.  Look out for the next thrilling episode for this particular bonne bouche.