Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Hebrides 16: More from Vatersay

The area of Vatersay where we walked was predominantly made of rolling sand dunes covered by machair flowers.  As with the Uists, it's difficult to convey the scale and beauty of the floral carpet in a photograph; but, of course, this didn't stop me trying!

The path took us to a large, sandy beach on the other side of the island.  This was (mercifully) free of dead tractors and fish crates, but there was the occasional chunk of rusting metal in the sand.  One piece looked a bit like a wartime shell, but I'm hoping it was an old Calor Gas canister instead!

By this time the sun had come out, and it was getting genuinely warm while we walked back to the small settlement where the bus would pick us up.

Back in "civilisation", there was the usual evidence of derelict crofts and abandoned machinery.

A panorama showing the sand dunes and sweep of the bay, looking North to Barra.

The bus collected us and took us (eventually) back to Castlebay.  The delay came from a traffic jam on Vatersay's only road, caused by people attending a large wedding - presumably the reason why we weren't able to go out on a boat from Lochboisdale in the morning.

We arrived at the ferry terminal just in time (as the bus driver had promised all along) and we boarded for the short trip to Eriskay.  Lo and behold, yet another vehicle was in need of the "wooden wedge" treatment - this time a mobile home.

This concludes our final full day on the Uists, as the following day we headed North to Harris and Lewis for the second week of our holiday.