Wednesday, 24 April 2013


It was such a lovely Spring day on Saturday that I decided to stop off for a few hours in Worcester on my way to Bristol.  My main interest was the cathedral, but here are a few shots from the around the town. 

The statue is, of course, Edward Elgar, who is inextricably linked with Worcester.

It seemed slightly incongruous that a beautiful mediaeval building had been turned into a mobile phone shop.

Speaking personally, I love to have my hops individually tailored...

There's something about the eternal and unquenchable optimism of a Labrador when it comes to food!

Just one of the many discount and money-lending stores in the city centre, although the top prize must go to the very large number of empty and boarded-up shop premises.

The local intelligentsia...

Stopping for a quick smoke.

Some more general views of the city.

Anyone for a spot of good old-fashioned rectification?