Friday, 26 April 2013

The Revenge of the Un-Image

Last night's meeting of the Aperture group within Cambridge Camera Club was dedicated to a discussion about the "un-image".  The thesis was that not every picture needs to be sharp, detailed, the correct colour or even of an interesting subject!  Sometimes it is the lack of detail, or the banality of the subject matter, which gives a picture its charm.

We were each invited to submit ten "un-images" for scrutiny, and this is my set.  Most were taken on an iPhone, but even those which weren't are simple grab shots.  I allocated myself 30 minutes one lunchtime to process all ten images, and used Nik's wonderful Snapseed application to do it.  Unfortunately, our "friends" at Google have pulled the plug on the desktop version of Snapseed in favour of mobile users: a sad (and misguided) decision, in my view.

Anyway, I hope you aren't too un-impressed with my un-images.  I had a lot of fun making them.

Novelty value rather than fine art, in my view, but hugely enjoyable nevertheless.