Thursday, 11 August 2011

St Peter Port Town Church

Initially, when I went into the St Peter Port Town Church, it was a haven of peace.  It was also cool, unlike outdoors which was quickly heating up in the warm sun.  Another chance to practise my neophyte HDR skills, although the very high contrast range makes it difficult to achieve a natural result.  I'm rapidly coming to the conclusion that the best HDR images are made on dull days, both indoors and out.

Not sure why I used the fisheye in the church, other than it already being on the camera.  With hindsight I'd probably have been better with the 17-40, but it's a bit late to go back now!

A few more people came into the church, so I decided to beat a hasty retreat.  It turned out to be not quite so hasty, in fact, as a person came in carrying a kind placard on a stick, closely followed by dozens of Germans in close-packed sheep formation.  Presumably a cruise ship had just disgorged its contents into the town, and this was one of the organised tour groups.  Eventually, when all the sheep were safely lined up to listen to their leader's spiel, I managed to slip out unnoticed.