Monday, 1 August 2011

Sausmarez, Fermain and Pleinmont

The manor house in St Martin (Sausmarez) hosts a weekly farmers' market.  Fabulous fresh produce: particularly the vegetables and fish, which were precious little use to us as we're staying in a hotel.  Here are a few pictures taken during the morning's proceedings.

Then, following a tip off from Jan Trestain, a local photographer who's been helping me during my trip, we walked down a steep and winding path to the superb beach cafe at Fermain.  A truly excellent place, serving crab sandwiches to die for.  It was improved by essentially being inaccessible to cars (unless you count the idiot Brits who decided to ignore the no entry and permit holders only signs).  The only downside was the long walk back up the hill and back to the hotel, but at least I was able to stop and take a few pictures on the way.

Being gluttons for punishment (it was hot and very sunny) we took the bus to Portelet harbour and walked around the Pleinmont peninsula.  The main landmark was Pezerie fort, dating from Napoleonic times, but commandeered by the Germans during WWII.  Not many people were out (unsurprising, given the heat) and those which were tended to be on the beach or swimming in the sea.

As before, I thought I'd end today's post with one of those strange signs I find occasionally.  There's clearly a very useful information centre, but it seems one isn't actually allowed to go there (except on foot, of course).