Tuesday, 14 April 2009

A wet Bank Holiday in April

Half a dozen intrepid souls set out to try and photograph some nature in Waresley Wood. Despite protestations from one of our number that "there was no rain for 50 miles on the radar pictures", this information clearly hadn't reached the clouds which were (just as clearly) precipitating all over us! In the end we gave up trying to find perfect specimens of flowers, and - rather bedraggled - agreed that rain should stop play.

On the way back I found two examples of homo photographicus, a rare and usually shy species, which is often attracted out into the open on Bank Holidays and when it's raining (the two usually going together, of course).

This is our happy band, heading back to the relative warmth and dry of the car park. Note the new four-legged recruit, who didn't seem in the slightest bit worried by the damp environment!